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Anthropology Now is an independent initiative committed to claiming a public voice for anthropology. We believe that anthropology has important insights to contribute to contemporary conversations and policy debates. Through our field research and in-depth, holistic analysis, anthropology presents an oblique perspective on mainstream common sense. By challenging taken for granted “truths,” we believe anthropology can enrich public understandings of the world.

Our peer-reviewed print magazine, Anthropology Now, published by Taylor & Francis, offers readers thought-provoking and timely content focused on contemporary issues and debates. We are committed to presenting our work in clear, accessible language, and offering our readers compelling stories and analysis. We are published three times a year in April, September and December.

In spring 2012, Anthropology Now began an official collaboration with the General Anthropology Division (GAD) of the American Anthropology Association. All GAD members are provided with an electronic subscription to Anthropology Now. For subscriptions, address changes, and advertising rates and schedules, contact Taylor & Francis at .

Rylan Higgins


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Rylan Higgins

Rylan Higgins teaches anthropology at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His ethnographic research has focused on a range of topics including work, food and gender in both Vietnam and North America. He also is keenly interested in the anthropology of childhood. His strong commitment to public anthropology binds these various interests.

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