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Anthropology Now is a unique, peer-reviewed publication for research-based articles, book, film and exhibit reviews, photo essays and commentaries that are less focused on discussion within the discipline and more inclusive in sharing anthropological knowledge and perspectives with the well-informed general reader. We assume our audience will know a bit about what anthropology is, but not a contributor’s specific topic or viewpoint. We are looking for narratives that incorporate vivid ethnographic detail and straightforward, jargon-free context and explanations. Like most magazines, we don’t encourage extensive footnotes or citations. Anthropology Now provides researchers with opportunities to inform readers about new findings and incipient perspectives that can contribute to public understanding of the human condition.

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Our peer-reviewed print magazine, Anthropology Now, published by Taylor & Francis, offers readers thought-provoking and timely content focused on contemporary issues and debates. We are committed to presenting our work in clear, accessible language, and offering our readers compelling stories and analysis. We are published three times a year in April, September and December. As of spring, 2012, Anthropology Now began an official collaboration with the General Anthropology Division (GAD) of the American Anthropology Association. All GAD members will be provided with an electronic subscription to Anthropology Now.

For subscriptions, address changes, and advertising rates and schedules, contact Taylor & Francis at or check the online subscription page.

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In print and online, Anthropology Now aims to distribute timely findings and emerging frames of reference that can contribute to a shared concern for issues in the contemporary world.  We publish magazine-style essays about culture, biology, language, archaeology and public policy. We also feature book, film and exhibition reviews, photo essays, interviews and commentaries that share anthropological insights with well-informed general readers. We work toward a full synergy of scholarly integrity and accessibility, in service to the larger goal of engaging more fully in regional, national and international dialogues.

1. Current Features

Selections from the most recent print issue.

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Original contributions introduced on this site.

3 . Uncommon sense

An oblique view of contemporary social and cultural issues.

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