September, 2021

Volume 13 | Number 2 | September, 2021



When Animals Talk Back

Don Kulick


Overlaps, Disjunctures and Possibilities: Evolutionary Anthropology and Medical Practice in Conversation
Agustín Fuentes & Eleanor Lisa Lavadie-Gómez


“Thinning” Anthropological Expert Testimony
Bruce Granville Miller


Ghost Dogs and Their Unwitting Accomplices

Stanley Gehrt


Quinoa and Small-Scale Agriculture in Times of COVID-19

Fabiana Li & Beatriz Manzano Chura


“Are We Not of Interest to Each Other?” A Pedagogy of Presence during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Stephanie V. Love


Blurred Lines: The Impact of the Zoom Classroom on Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Alexia Almonte, Uma Bullock, Kenneth Caramanico & Daniela Ocampo


“Anthropology Now: COVID-19”: Thoughts on Learning and Teaching about a Global Pandemic during a Global Pandemic

Nick Catalano, Mina Dousti, Selina Heidinger, Liz Hydesmith, Dawn MacDonald, Taylor Neustaeter & Lara Rosenoff Gauvin


May Your Classroom Be a Sea Change: Further Thoughts on Teaching about Palestine

Maura Finkelstein



Three Cheers for Pioneers: A Review of Outer Space Anthropology

Savannah Mandel


Tunisian Cinema after the Arab Spring: Portrait of a Nation in Transition

Alyssa Miller

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