Volume 1 Number 2

Anthropology Now Issue 2
Anthropology Now Issue 2

Anthropology Now Issue Two
The Atomic Issue


Atomic Times in the Pacific by Barbara Rose Johnston
Life Underground: Building a Bunker Society by Joseph Masco
Nuclear Payouts: Knowledge and Compensation in the Chernobyl Aftermath by Adriana Petryna
A Machinery of Mirrors by Hugh Gusterson
Where in the World is the Spat-Upon Veteran? Vietnam War and the Politics of Memory by August Carbonella
Three Myths Cloaking the Violence of Occupation by Avram Bornstein


‘Can Anthropology Ever be Innocent?’ Kulick/Sider Exchange
Uncommon Sense
What’s Greed Got to Do With It? By Neeraj Vedwan
Stories from the Field
When Distance is Not Geographical by Jennifer Selby
Poems by Renato Rosaldo
Vicissitudes of Idioma, At the Airport, Ode to my Shoes
Photo Essay
A Refugee Odyssey: A Story of Globalization and Somali Bantu Refugees by Catherine Besteman
Memories of Ann Dunham Sutoro by Simone Buechler