Medical Anthropology for the Skin

Developed by cultural anthropologist, Dr. Tramayne Butler, AnthroSpa Logic combines beauty secrets from around the world and uses a combination of exotic, organic ingredients used for centuries by native peoples both medicinally and in beauty treatments to care for their skin.

I founded AnthroSpa Logic after receiving my Ph.D. because I felt that a natural, spa skin care line could benefit from the holistic and cross-cultural approach of anthropology. I became increasingly interested in natural products after my two sons were born. In the western world, we are exposed to a myriad of chemicals everyday and I wanted to minimize this exposure at least in my own home.

As a cultural anthropologist, I was inspired by my research in Kenya and the United States, as well as my travels to London, Paris, Nice, Italy and Monaco. We live in a globalized world where cultural boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred and I wanted to create a spa skin care line that reflected this phenomenon. I decided to combine the best of traditional skin care practices from around the world to create a truly natural yet global spa product line

AnthroSa Logic® ( in the Official Gift VIP Bags at the 53rd Annual GRAMMY® Awards in February.

Dr. Butler’s antioxidant-rich line combines skin care traditions from five continents. For instance, the beauty secrets of the Japanese Geisha are intertwined with those of other groups like African and Native American tribes. The upscale line is completely chemical-free, preservative free and filler-free and responds to a growing consumer demand for natural and organic, personal care products. Because they lack preservatives, the unique products are packaged dry, similar to dried foods and transform into a creamy consistence when consumers add water in the tub or shower. The multitasking products contain pure ingredients that are all 100% bioactive and are also soap-free as well as clay-free to maintain moisture and maximize their anti-aging effect.

Founder and CEO Dr. Butler, who was recently featured on the ABC 7 News “Live Green” segment in Chicago, felt that a spa quality skin care line could benefit from the global, holistic perspective of anthropology.

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