An Anthropologist to Head the World Bank?

The White House named Jim Yong Kim as its nominee to head to World Bank. Jim Yong Kim is the president of Dartmouth College, an anthropologist, a physician and a global health expert. This nomination forms a radical break from the traditional profiles of the World Bank leaders. Shall this appointment be approved, this would be […]

The War in Libya

“The Libyan Revolution is Dead” declares Maximilian Forte in his Zero Anthropology Blog. …this is an autopsy, identifying the weapons used, and the criminals responsible for killing the Libyan revolution. This is no longer a Libyan story–that chapter is now closed. My autopsy is divided into several broad categories of actors: the humanitarians, the rebels, […]

William Beeman on Libya

A PressTV interview with Professor William Beeman, Chairman of Anthropology department of University of Minnesota “The US led the regularization of relations with Colonel Gaddafi, after he had given up his nuclear program, which in my opinion was non-existent anyway. But the US issued a declaration saying this is a new era of friendship, legitimizing […]

Anthropologists Write on Arab Uprisings and US Foreign Policy

Paul Stoller in  “If my many years living as a field anthropologist in sub-Saharan Africa are applicable, most senior diplomats appear to be far removed from the realities of the street…. With some exceptions, I would suggest, most of our senior diplomats and political officials do not know the street.” Saba Mahmood in The Nation: The […]