Emily Martin Discusses “Anthropology Now”

Anthropology Now Podcast Series

The first episode of a new series that explores the relevance of anthropology to public life, this podcast features a conversation with Emily Martin, Professor of Anthropology at New York University and a key force behind the journal “Anthropology Now.” Christine Mladic Janney, a PhD student in Anthropology at NYU, asks Martin about her vision […]

The Inaugural Post of Betwixt and Between: Anthropology Now’s Guest Blogger Venue

#Anthropology Once upon a time, in the late 19th century, anthropology was popular, but it wasn’t necessarily a good thing.¬†From pseudo-scientific justifications of racial hierarchies to the displays of so-called primitive people at ethnographic expositions, anthropology satisfied an ever growing public yearning for the exotic thrill. This thrill for the exotic, for the occult, for […]