Her Road from Damascus: A Syrian Refugee Story

How Raghad Alhallak and her family sold their home and bakery in Syria, scaled a mountain, fought off wild dogs, evaded border guards and nearly drowned at sea — before being welcomed in Germany. The Alhallak family fled Damascus at the end of the summer of 2013, after selling their jewelry, their bakery and their […]

Border Crossing

Fox News Latino reports: Shoes, backpacks and other objects discarded in the desert by undocumented immigrants have been collected by a team of anthropologists to document the difficult journey they make to get into the United States. “For me, these objects aren’t trash. They reflect the history of all the great migrations,” Jason de Leon, […]

The Plight of Refugees

Tricia Redeker Hepner, an Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Tennessee writes at CounterPunch about the plight of refugees: The world’s attention is understandably fixed on the post-tsunami nuclear disaster unfolding in Japan and the equally seismic political transformations shaking North Africa and the Middle East. Much speculation swirls around the impact of […]

A Good Christian Daughter

Syriac Woman: So, Sarah, where do your parents live? Sarah: Well, my mother lives in the U.S., and my father lives here in the Netherlands. Syriac Woman: Oh. So…they’re…divorced? Sarah: Yes…it happened a few years ago. Syriac Woman: So when you’re at home you live with your mother… but why don’t you live with your […]

Part II: So Many Interviewees, How Shall I Choose?

What happens when Palestinians are given the chance to comment on Palestine related US news? Join anthropologist Amahl Bishara in a three part series as she goes to the field in Palestine to find out!