April 2011

Table of Contents

Recycling History and the Never-Ending Life of Cuban Things Sarah Hill

Free Water! DIY Wetlands and the Futures of Urban Gray Water Scott Webel

Transnational Waste and Its Discontents Joshua Reno

When Blue Jeans Went Green Bodil Birkebaek Olesen

The Science of Catastrophe: Making Sense of the BP Oil Spill David Bond

New Questions in the Immigration Debate Ann Aurelia Lopez

Earthships: The Homes That Trash Built Rachel Harkness

How to Find Mongo and Other Lessons from the Field Robin Nagle

Letters to the Editors: Targeting the Gun Question Edward Hansen and Dimitra Doukas
A Conversation with William Rathje Matthew R. Lane
Photo Essay: Misplaced Matter Cindy Godden-Bryson
Findings by CUNY Graduate School Student Collective
Book reviews by Talal Asad and Robert W. Hefner
Art: Ethics and Folk Art Production: A New Museum Initiative V. Gina Diaz
Media: Cartoneros and Neoliberal Garbage: An Interview with Ernesto Livon-Grosman Matthew Durington

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