Capitalism and Intuition

Grant McCracken, an anthropologist, provides some business and management advice at

For decades, the mandate of successful executives was to set a plan and stick with it. Those days are gone, says Grant McCracken […] “Capitalism used to be so analytical, precise, and rule-oriented,” he says. “The whole job of management was staying away from what was intuitive.” But the reverse is now true, he argues, and the most successful leaders are experts in adapting quickly and listening to their hunches.

The transition to a new business reality isn’t easy. “We’re living in a world so complicated, we want to have access to the full, deepest part of our problem-solving abilities,” says McCracken, “and that means we’re dealing with something messier and harder to manage. The organizations that flourish in a world like this are fast, noisy, and intuitive. It can be really tough for managers.”


Three Ways to Harness the Power of Your Intuition

Dorie Clark, 06/07/2012 


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