Sebastian Junger’s The Last Patrol, A Dialogue

War does not simply shape, shepherd, and injure bodies, or mold and undermine psyches in a unidirectional fashion. Through countless contradictory and incomplete processes, war excites bodies, cultivates capacities, gives value to things, provokes subjective interpretations of surprising behaviors, and forms connections. —Kenneth T. MacLeish, Making War at Fort Hood The first things I noticed […]

The Promising Predicament of the Keystone XL Pipeline

Politics makes visible that which had no reason to be seen. —Jacques Rancière Whether ultimately approved or not, the Keystone XL Pipeline offers a telling window into the contemporary politics of fossil fuels in North America. Although oil pipelines have been around for a century, they have long been neglected in scholarship and public debate. […]

April 2015

Volume 7 / Issue 1 / April 2015 This issue includes: Features Solidarity and Resistance on the Island of Llingua by Anton Daughters Sebastian Junger’s The Last Patrol: A Dialogue by Alisse Waterston with Sebastian Junger The Promising Predicament of the Keystone XL Pipeline by David Bond Water Crisis in India: Cross-Currents of Tradition, Nationalism […]