Welcome to the first issue of Anthropozine, a new venue for undergraduate authors from the team at Anthropology Now. Our tagline is “Anthropology unleashing creativity” because Anthropozine is first and foremost an outlet for the many ways in which students express their individual encounter with anthropology.

Click on the cover or the hyperlink below to view and download the pdf.

final version

Anthropozine | April 2015 | Food Systems

Feel free to distribute this pdf electronically or by print. For more information on how students can submit their work see the call inside the pdf or visit our workspace here. We are primarily interested in publishing the creative and the personal rather than research. Written works should be short or even very brief, visual works are encouraged.


Special issue for April 2015: Food


A Bite into the Truth

From the Eyes of a Farmer’s Daughter

From Scratch

Imaginary Lines

Growing for the Future

Eating is Beneath Me

Of Spice and Men

A Millennial’s Food Journey

A Combined Perspective on Society

Growing Up and the Family Food

The Food We Eat

Front Cover: John Cann
Back Cover: Ne-Asia Allah

2 Responses

  1. Not knowing much about anthropology, I found this issue of Anthropozine very enlightening. This issue did a great job of portraying how culture can affect everything in our lives, even how we choose to view and produce food. Some choose to view food with love and compassion, while others choose to view it with hate and indifference. Some choose to produce food naturally, while others choose to produce food with preservatives and in labs. Whatever the case, it is obvious that food is a bi-product of our culture and has a very big impact on our lives.

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