April 2012

Cover imae for April 2012 issue

Volume 4 / Number 1 / April 2012 This issue includes: A Right to Beauty by Alexander Edmonds Who Cares for the Caregivers? by Jonathan Stillo The Prosperity of Gospel in Times of Austerity by Kate Griffiths Dingani What’s in a Laptop? by Hugh Gusterson America ♥ CEOS? by Julian Brash Visions of Mustangs by […]

April 2011

Table of Contents Recycling History and the Never-Ending Life of Cuban Things Sarah Hill Free Water! DIY Wetlands and the Futures of Urban Gray Water Scott Webel Transnational Waste and Its Discontents Joshua Reno When Blue Jeans Went Green Bodil Birkebaek Olesen The Science of Catastrophe: Making Sense of the BP Oil Spill David Bond […]

September 2010

Volume 2 Number 2, September 2010 In This Issue: A Fieldnote on Shame by Lucas Bessire Icons of the Desert by Ruti Talmor Super Guinea Pigs? by Maria Elena Garcia My Bun, Her Oven by Elly Teman The Red General by Andrew Bickford Questions for Claude Levi-Strauss by Susan Harding and much more!

Volume 1 Number 3

Anthropology Now Issue 3 After Darwin Features •Darwin’s Ventriloquists by Jonathan Marks •Spitting Image by Gisli Palsson •Race Drugs by Jonathan Kahn •Soccer, Sex, and Scandal in Brazil by Don Kulick •Rights and Security: Contradictory or Complementary? by Daniel M. Goldstein •Making Old Histories New in the Peruvian Amazon by Shane Greene Departments Letters to […]