Outreach and Activism in Lebanon: A Dynamic Struggle for Gender Equality in Wake of the Arab Spring

Editor’s Introduction:  From an anthropological perspective, “education” embodies more than just formal schooling. In this post from Lina Abirafeh, a Gender Based Violence specialist working with the United Nations, we are introduced to the kinds of collaborative, culturally responsive campaigns designed to promote gender equality and end violence against women in the Middle East. To […]

Roots of Love: On Sikh Hair and Turban-Letter from filmmaker Harjant Gill

  Dear friends and colleagues, This has been a painful week for all Sikhs living in the United States. Thank you to those who have reached out with your support to your local Sikh community. Most of our families are still trying to make sense of last weekend’s tragic shootings at the Sikh Temple in […]

Learning about the African American Experience in Baltimore

Learning about the African American Experience in Baltimore By Kyle Benn Two blocks from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History and Culture sits not far from where Maryland slaves were sold and shipped farther south as cotton replaced tobacco as the United States’ most lucrative cash crop. As […]

Invitation to submit an Anthropology and Education Guest Blog

Invitation to submit an Anthropology and Education Guest Blog Who: Undergrads, Graduate Students, Educators, Cultural Heritage Workers, or Anthropologists—share your work or build your c.v. with a quick publication What: A 500-850 word blog post describing and critiquing some interesting example of “anthropology” and “education” in the real world. We know that people use anthropology […]

Useful anthropology journals and blogs

Selective list of anthropology journals and blogs http://www.aesonline.org/ http://www.haujournal.org/index.php/hau/ http://www.culanth.org/ http://www.anthropology-news.org/ http://savageminds.org/ http://johnpostill.com/ http://openanthcoop.ning.com/ http://mediatedcultures.net/ http://somatosphere.net/ http://www.materialworldblog.com/ http://anthropologyreport.com/ http://anthropologyworks.com/ http://blogs.plos.org/neuroanthropology/   There is a more exhaustive list of anthropology blogs at http://anthropologyreport.com/anthropology-blogs/

Edupunk/Anthropunk: What?

Anthropological fieldwork has always been edupunk. Over a century ago, not content to sit in our armchairs and read about the world anymore, anthropology went out and found out.

On Anthropological Secrets

Anthropologists, like all scholars, have their secrets. Anthropology Now, however, is dedicated to openness and participation, and as such, the online education section will help makes sense of some of those secrets to the interested layperson.