What Happens When We Flush?

Coming soon in the print journal of Anthropology Now: What Happens When We Flush? by Nicholas C. Kawa In this riveting article on the disposal of human waste, author Nicholas Kawa provides us with a comprehensive look at the history, cultural, biologic and public health context of the disposition of human feces. Kawa has presented […]

#EverythingMustFall: The Use of Social Media and Violent Protests in the Current Wave of Student Riots in South Africa

The past year has seen violent protests at most South African universities, where students have pursued the dual goals of free education and a decolonization of education. Severe dissatisfaction with everything from tuition fees, housing schemes, languages of instruction and symbolic tributes to colonial stalwarts have coalesced to produce a tense environment of conflicts and […]

The Tintometer, Anthropology and the Science of Color

In 1898, physician and marine biologist A.C. Haddon set off with a group of scientists from Cambridge, England. They aimed to study the residents of what they considered the antipode — the opposite side — of the earth, in particular the Islanders of the Torres Strait, between New Guinea and Australia. The Cambridge expedition’s cargo […]

The Endless Bus Trip: a Visual Essay

The Endless Bus Trip is a visual essay about Korean and Chinese immigrants living in Flushing, Queens, who ride casino buses as a way of life. Twice a day, immigrants wait at unmarked bus stops along the crowded downtown streets to buy $15 bus tickets from New York City to the Sands Casino and Resort […]

Feature Preview: The Sound of Silence

Look for the full essay with additional photos in the September 2014 issue of Anthropology Now. by Maria Frederika Malmström In this new project, part of an extensive study about materiality, affect and transformative politics in Egypt, I explore the absence of sound in the floating landscape of Egypt. Scholars have discussed the role of […]