What Happens When We Flush?

Coming soon in the print journal of Anthropology Now:

outhouse-illustrationWhat Happens When We Flush?

by Nicholas C. Kawa

In this riveting article on the disposal of human waste, author Nicholas Kawa provides us with a comprehensive look at the history, cultural, biologic and public health context of the disposition of human feces. Kawa has presented an ecologic article that provides lay persons, students, academics and public health practitioners with an invaluable guide to what was done, what worked, what did not work and what is not working regarding the disposal of all of our “shit.” The author provides an extensive review of the array of concerns, to include environmental impacts of human waste disposal, both positive and negative, recorded over time. Innovative and controversial issues are raised to include climate change and the use of human excrement as a valuable resource for energy production. In summary, “What Happens When We Flush” is a valuable resource for both students and academics, to include, most assuredly, public health professionals.

– L. Carson, Ph.D., M.P.H.*, Associate Professor, Department of Health Promotion Sciences, College of Public Health, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, (*AKA L. Carson Henderson)

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