April 2014

Anthropology Now vol6 no1 cover

Volume 6 / Number 1 / April 2014

This issue includes:

Obesity Science and Health Translations in Guatemala: Engagement in Practice by Emily Yates-Doerr

After a Lifetime of Labor: Informal Work among the Retired in Romania by Gerard A. Weber

Throw a Survey at It: Questioning Soldier Resilience in the US Army by Emily Sogn

Neither Informant Nor Sidekick: The Making of a Post-Quake Chronicle by Gina Athena Ulysse

Findings: CUNY Graduate School Student Collective by Neil Agarwal, Mark Drury, Zoltán Glück, Malav Kanuga, Madhuri Karak, Linsey Ly, Manissa McCleave Maharawal and Andreina Torres

Uncommon Sense: Disposable Bodies: Garment Factory Catastrophe and Feminist Practices in Bangladesh by Lamia Karim

Material Matters: Introduction to a New Department by Angela Orlando

Material Matters: People Who Paint the Buddha by Ming Xue

Media: Before Picking Up the Camera: My Process to Ethnographic Film by Harjant S. Gill

Media: Digital Media and Everyday Abuse by Sara Perry

Media: Three Decades of Amazonian Filmmaking: A Retrospective Celebrating the Political and Cultural Activism of Video Nas Aldeias by Zoe Graham

Education: Engaging Undergraduates through Neuroanthropological Research by Christopher D. Lynn, Max J. Stein and Andrew P. C. Bishop

Photo Essay: The Wind Blows East: Reflections on Little Odessa by Emine Ziyatdinova

Books and Arts: How to Clean a City by Sarah Hill

Books and Arts: Accompany for Change by Chris Kortright

Poetry: Fished Out: An Elegy by Manson Solomon


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