April 2017

Volume 9 | Number 1 | April 2017


Ethnography on Trial by Diane Austin, Lauren Penny, and Tom McGuire

“There Are No Straight Lines in Nature”: Making Living Maps in West Papua by Sophie Chao

In-between Ethnography and Filmmaking: Field Notes and Rituals behind the Frame by Adriana Vila Guevara

Trump Watch

Surveilling Trump: A Call to Action by Rylan Higgins

From Trucks to Trump: The Role of Small-Town Values in Driving Votes by Morgan Ramsey-Elliot

More on the Anthropology of Trump by Paul Stoller


“Studying Up” and Contemporary Cases of Institutional Knowledge Production by CUNY Graduate School Student Collective: Matthew Chrisler, Angela Crumdy, Nadja Eisenberg-Guyot, Sarah Molinari, Samuel Novacich, Helen Panagiotopoulos

Material Matters

The Material Culture of Green Living in Hong Kong by Loretta Ieng Tak Lou

Visual Essay

Just A Tribute? Text by Graham Clark, Photos by Graham Clark and Daniel Vega-Warholy


Ethnographic Apps/Apps as Ethnography by Samuel Gerald Collins, Matthew Durington, Paolo Favero,
Krista Harper, Ali Kenner, Casey O’Donnell


Trumped Again: The Elections from the Margins of US Empire by Melissa Rosario

Trump and the Refugees: Views from “Downunder” by Gerhard Ho staedter

Books and Arts

Facing the Future by Jenny Huberman

Reclaiming Media Ideologies by Jordan Kraemer


Where Is the Blood? by Howard F. Stein

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