December 2014

AN 6.3 Dec 14 Cover

Volume 6 / Issue 3 / December 2014

Austerity and Resistance in the Midwest

This issue includes:

A Tale of Two Cities by Ida Susser

Remapping the Motor City and the Politics of Austerity by Andrew Newman and Sara Safransky

Transformative Coalition in Wisconsin: Finding a Way Forward by Jane Collins

From Welfare Queens to Day-Care Queens by Anika Y. Jones

Politics and the Family Farm: When the Neighbors Poison the Well by Molly Doane

Findings: CUNY Graduate School Student Collectiveby Charles Dolph, Zoltán Glück, Malav Kanuga, Linsey Ly,
Manissa McCleave Maharawal, Helen Panagiotopoulos and Andreina Torres 

Uncommon Sense – Beyond the Pundit’s Brush: Critiquing Robert Kaplan’s Portrait of Vietnam by Rylan Higgins

Media – Crafting an Ideal Working World in the Contemporary United States by Samantha Close 

Media – Concrete Ecology: Reflections on the Making of a Multimedia Ethnography by Erika Barbosa 

Material Matters – Virtual Technology Keeps Soldiers Closer to Home by Margie Serrato

Visual Essay – The Endless Bus Trip by Yeong-Ung Yang

Books and Arts – To Excavate an Ethics from Archaeology by Christopher N. Matthews

Books and Arts – Cancer: The Paradox of Endless Data and Little Knowledge Galen Joseph 

Comments and Reflections – Regarding “The Enthnography of Trobriand Sexual Culture in the 21st Century” by Michael W. Young

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