December 2015

December 15 cover

Volume 7 | Issue 3 | December 2015

This issue includes:


The Future is Female: Bateson, Benjamin and How Women Learn in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus by Cynthia Kraman

The Potholed Path: Navigating the Contested Landscape of English Caravan Site Policy by Bel Parnell-Berry

Idle Hands: Individual Effects of the Mechanization of Chinese Shadow Puppet Making by Annie Katsura Rollins

Occupy on Air: Transparency and Surveillance in Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement by Mei-chun Lee

Repairing a Screaming Silence: Human Rights and Wrongs, Native American Realities and One Museum by Debra Spitulnik Vidali


Findings: CUNY Findings Collective by Cecilia María Salvi, Daniel Schneider, Andreina Torres,
Charles Dolph, Helen Panagiotopoulos, Zoltán Glück

Uncommon Sense: The Politics and Ecology of Water: Notes on the Drought in California by Daniel Polk

Material Matters: Painting in Blood by Zarina Zabrisky

Visual essay: The Arts of Recognition by Lee Douglas

Media: Not for Sale: How WWII Artifacts Mobilized Japanese-Americans Online by Stephanie Takaragawa

Media: Postdigital Wangluo: The Internet in Chinese Everyday Life by Gabriele de Seta

Books and Arts: A Catholic Atheist and His Good Monkeys by Cameron Brinitzer and Nicolas Langlitz

Books and Arts: That Muslim Question: Islam and Secularism in Europe by Mayanthi L. Fernando

Books and Arts: From Masdar to Songdo, Data is Big and Beautiful by Ian Lowrie

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