December 2016


Volume 9 | Number 3 | December 2016


Anthropology Now and Then in the American Museum of Natural History by Susan Harding and Emily Martin

New Articulations of Biological Difference in the 21st Century: A Conversation by Agustín Fuentes and Carolyn Rouse

Biopolarity: Coral Scientists between Hope and Despair by Irus Braverman

“To have a family is the next level and I can’t go there”: Rupturing the Life Course among Mexican Gay Men in Montreal by Henrik Hvenegaard Mikkelsen with Illustrations by Maximillian Mermell

Dance Steps, Nationalist Movement: How Hindu Extremists Claimed Garba-raas by Jessica Marie Falcone

Child Marriage Tra cking in India: Victims of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence by Siddhartha Sarkar


Uncommon Sense: The Predatory Pedagogy of “Distance Learning”: Face-to-Face Education in Peril by Brian McKenna

Findings: Slow Death: Anti-Black State Violence in Brazil and the United States by the CUNY Graduate School Student Collective, Samuel Novacich, Helen Panagiotopoulos, Sarah Molinari, Nadja Eisenberg-Guyot, Cecilia Maria Salvi, and Mathew Chrisler

Material Matters: Trinidad Tales: Building Meaning after Genital Reassignment Surgery by Muriel Vernon

Visual Essay: The “Born Free” Generation by Sipho Mpongo

Media: The Myth of “Real Life” by Julian Hopkins

Rasanblaj: Seven Keywords for this Rasanblaj by Gina Athena Ulysse

Voices Now: Alaka Wali: A Conversation with Sam Beck by Alaka Wali and Sam Beck

Books and Arts: When the Gut Talks Back to Antidepressants by J. Miao Hua

Books and Arts: Time and the Other Primates by Stephanie Schiavenato, Esther Rottenburg, and Nicolas Langlitz

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