September 2014

AN Vol6 #2 cover

Volume 6 / Number 2 / September 2014

This issue includes:

Beer through the Ages: The Role of Beer in Shaping Our Past and Current Worlds. by John W. Arthur

Trademarking Racism: Pseudo-Indian Symbols and the Business of Professional Sports. by Pauline Turner Strong

The Sound of Silence in Cairo: Affects, Politics and Belonging. by Maria Frederika Malmström

Andean Quinoa: Local Farmers in a Global Market. by Claudia Urdanivia

Abortion Doulas: Changing the Narrative. by Alyssa Basmajian

Findings: CUNY Graduate School Student Collective. by Andreina Torres, Neil Agarwal, Madhuri Karak,
Manissa McCleave Maharawal, Linsey Ly, Zoltán Glück, Malav Kanuga, and Mark Drury

Uncommon Sense: There’s More to Uganda. by Elizabeth Chin 

Material Matters: The Log Hives of Yucatán. by Briana Bianco

Media: Studying Sideways in Malibu. by Jay Ruby

Education: Culture and Schooling: A Photographer’s Perspective. by Alexis Lambrou

Visual Essay: Sugar and Luis: Nontraditional Care, Unconditional Love. by Stephen Reiss

Books and Arts: The Global Dreams and Local Complexities of Malaria Eradication. by Svea Closser

Books and Arts: Quacks, Healers and Rationalists. by Shubha Ranganathan

Poetry: All the Handsome Men of Wales, What’s Public Is the Bomb That Quiets Me, Target, and A Second Ecological Adam. by Cynthia Kraman

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