September 2016


Volume 8 | Issue 2 | September 2016


#EverythingMustFall: The Use of Social Media and Violent Protests in the Current Wave of Student Riots in South Africa by Bjarke Oxlund

The Tintometer, Anthropology and the Science of Color by Emily Martin

Caring for Computers: How Russian Data Scientists Refashion Their Laptops by Ian Lowrie

What Happens When We Flush? by Nicholas C. Kawa

Community Engagement in Precarious Times: When Ethnography Meets Socially Engaged Art by Beth A. Uzwiak

Symbolism and Resilience in the Aftermath of a Destructive Volcanic Eruption by Samuel Weeks and Vitor Popinsky


Uncommon Sense: Terreur, Terroir, Terrace: Vectors of Police and Public in France after Charlie Hebdo and La Bataclan by Kevin G. Karpiak

Findings: CUNY Graduate School Student Collective: Spatial Scales and Social Control by Angela Crumdy, Charles Dolph, Nadja Eisenberg-Guyot, Zoltán Glück, Sarah Molinari, Samuel Novacich, Cecilia María Salvi, and Daniel Schneider

Material Matters: Tracking Radioactive Contamination after Fukushima by Maxime Polleri

Media: Idealization of the West and Cultural Dissonance in Serbia by Andrei Simić

Media: Becoming Popular: The Impact of Contemporary Media on the World of Competitive Ballroom Dance by Jonathan S. Marion

Rasanblaj: On Spies, Conspiracies and Intruders: Ethnographic Encounters with “America” in Rural India by Aradhana Sharma

Books and Arts: Forever Entangled by Jana Rogasch and Claire Smith

Books and Arts: Satin Island: A Novel on the Anthropology of the Contemporary Condition by Jarrett Zigon

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