September 2019

Volume 11 | Numbers 1-2 | September 2019

Editor’s Note

Rylan Higgins, Maria D. Vesperi and Emily Martin.


Relax, It’s just Culture: Secularizing Conventions in Nonfiction Literatures by Susan Harding

Anthropology and Creative Nonfiction by Ayla Samli

Native Anthropology, to be a Native Scholar, or a Scholar that is Native: Reviving Ethnography in Indian Country by Richard Meyers

Agree-Culture in a Disagreeable Climate by Lauren Griffith, Cameron Griffith, Juan Cho and Seirra Nuckols

The Falmer Method: Toward a New Kind of Conference by Andrea Cornwall, Frank G. Karioris and Nancy Lindisfarn

An Unfinished War by Emily Yates-Doerr



CUNY Graduate School Student Collective  by Nadia Augustyniak, Matthew Chrisler, Claudia Crowie, Ola Galal, Brenna McCaffrey, Austin Miller and Miryam Nacimiento

Uncommon Sense

Alabama’s Abortion Law Is Not About Protecting Life by Courtney Andrews

Media + Technology

Power and Vulnerability in Knock Down the House: An Interview with Rachel Lears by Noelle Stout

Visual Essay

Haat Clippings: The Life and Routine of a Biweekly Bazaar in Kolkata by Saumya Pandey

Notes from the Field

Infused with Suspicion: The Transformation of the Anthropologist Body by Maria Frederika Malmström


Simulating a Pacific Village in the Classroom: Embodied Learning for Enhanced Student Engagement by Michelle MacCarthy

Books and Arts

Confronting the Problems of the World Through Anthropology by Erin Dean

The Politics of Food at the Threshold of Subsistence by Karen E. McAllister

No Laughing Matter: Bani Abidi at Berlin’s Gropius Bau by Omar Kasmani

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