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Use Anthropology to Build a Human Economy

Anthropologists, sociologists, philosophers, economists and activists have come together and written a citizen guide for a human economy.

In The Human Economy more than 30 authors from 15 countries show alternatives to our current dominating economic system.

Anthropologist Keith Hart launched the book Friday last week in Oslo together with two contributors: Thomas Hylland Eriksen and Desmond McNeill. The table of contents looks promising: There are essays on for example solidarity economy, community participation, fair trade, ecological and feminist economics, alter-globalisation, social entrepreneurship and also articles on two topics that are especially relevant when we’re sitting in front of the screen: gift economies and digital commons. I like the authors’ approach. They are not dreaming of an obscure and distant revolution. We don’t need a revolution. The alternatives do already exist, explained Keith Hart in Oslo…”

For the rest of the blog post, which includes excerpts from the book and the introduction for download as a pdf click here

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