April 2021

April 2021 | Volume 13 | Number 1


Introduction: Where Do We Go From Here?

Lucas Bessire                                                               


Field Notes from a Fever Dream

Amy Moran-Thomas                                             

Situating Conspiracy Theory

Susan Lepselter                                                          

Trump Time, Prophetic Time and the Time of the Lost Cause

Susan Harding and Emily Martin               

What’s Wrong with the White Working Class?

David Bond                                                               

Homeland, Far-Right Nationalism, and Environmentalism beyond Trump

Nitzan Shoshan                                                          

Violence Exchange

Ieva Jusionyte                                                         

Beyond Shattered Fantasies?

Melinda Hinkson                                                      

Time Shared

Fenella Cannell                                                          

Listening to Noise

Angela Garcia                                                                             

Ending Things, as an End in Itself: Notes on Quitting American Meatpacking

Alex Blanchette                                                                           

Let Us Please Depart the Echo Chamber

Elizabeth F. S. Roberts                                                                 

On the Commons: A Conversation with Julie Livingston

Julie Livingston                                                                             

“Sticking It to the Man”: r/wallstreetbets, Generational Masculinity and Revenge in Narratives of our Dystopian Capitalist Age

Norma Mendoza-Denton                                                             

Genres of Justice: A Conversation with Laurence Ralph

Laurence Ralph                                                                

Seeing the Same Fire

Adriana Petryna                                                                              

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