Bin Laden is Dead

Susan Hirsch, a Professor of Anthropology and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University, talked to NPR’s Melissa Block about Bin Laden’s death. Susan Hirsch’s husband was killed in the 1998 bombing of the U.S. embassy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Melissa Block: I was wondering if over time, if Osama bin Laden did come to personify to you what happened with your husband, Jamal. Was that sort of the face of that tragedy?

Susan Hirsch: I think early on, he was. And then as it became clearer what al-Qaida was and as his position in al-Qaida shifted, I think he no longer summed it all up for me. I have sort of moved on beyond him.

Melissa Block: Was there any part of you that felt relief when you heard he’d been killed?

Susan Hirsch: To be honest, no. I think that that little bit of fear turned into a concern, you know, a concern for what might be done in response or retaliation, at least for the short-term.

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Families Of Al-Qaida Victims React To Bin Laden’s Death

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  1. Seymour Hersh is correct except the drying up of U.S. funds was not the reason. Bin Laden had been critically ill for years with kidney failure. His time in Afghanistan worsened his condition. There was a huge U.S. bounty on him dead or alive. We knew where he was starting in 2004 and that he was domiciled in Pakistan beyond our reach. We left him there and waited. It was confirmed over a three day period that he was near death so a deal was struck. When he dies, we will be allowed to come in and retrieve his body and take the glory for the American people. The reward money went into a Swiss account that week with the understanding the body must be returned to his Saudi Billionaire family unmolested. Then, without the Navy Seals knowing, they were sent in to CAPTURE him. Being overzealous they crashed the chopper because they thought there would be resistance. When they arrived all of his protectors, visitors and other associates had been extracted by Al-Qaida.

    The Seals realized that something wasn’t right when they found his body wrapped and waiting for them with unarmed woman surrounding him. So in a Glory Panic Moment they shot the body up and took it away. The body was delivered to Saudi Arabia. The Seals didn’t know Obama knew he was already dead and were severely reprimanded for falsifying the story and molesting the body…

    The Seal who has been parading around like “Bob Ford” the man who bragged of killing Jesse James is a phony. He shot a dead body and there is nothing the President can do but squeeze him out of the Navy. He never has gained any fame. The photos taken would have to be shown all together and would show Post Mortem Wounds. The video and photos will never be seen and there is no valid video of the burial at sea. We keep getting our oil from the Saudis and the Pakis still get their money.

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