Circumcision and Human Rights

For both Jews and Muslims, circumcision is a religious and cultural practice. Within the last few weeks, Germany outlawed the practice of male circumcision for any but the strictest medical reasons. An atypical alliance of Jews and Muslims successfully challenged the German court's ruling and Chancellor Angela Merkel has promised to make religious circumcision practices (on males, but not females) legal once again.

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Is Infant Circumcision a Violation of Human Rights?

William M. O'Barr 

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  1. Of the over 1 billion popele in populations who usually practice male circumcision (Moslems, Koreans, Filipinos, orthodox and coptic christians, Americans…), perhaps 10 to 20 million are Jewish, what’s that? single figures percent?Add in the very aryan super hero, and yep, we’re into the lefty paradise of certain “social experiments” of the 1930s and 40s.I think the Dutchman did a post a few months back showing the cartoonist who drew “the eternal jew” propaganda, after his neck problem got sorted for all of eternity.I’m no fan of circumcision, but I do know what national socialists are, and I’m not going to be associated with them.

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