Judgment Day

Paul Stoller writes about Judgment Day at huffingtonpost.com:

Like many people in America, I attended a get-together on Judgment Day, Saturday, May 21. According to the biblical calculations of Family Radio’s Harold Camping, Judgment Day would bring earthquakes and storms, which would mark the beginning of the Rapture, a process through which true believers are saved from the apocalypse and returned to a better world. Camping also predicted that God would destroy the world on October 21, 2011. What was one to do? Many people chose to confront these predictions with celebration. After my host gave me a bottle of UFO beer, we all toasted Judgment Day with much mirth and merriment — a wonderful evening!!

Go to huffingtonpost.com to read more from Paul Stoller, a Professor of Anthropology at West Chester University.

Paul Stoller –¬†Enraptured Politics

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