On Libya’s Tribal Dynamics

Philip Carl Salzman, a McGill University professor of anthropology tells CNN, “Libyans have a strong loyalty to tribe…A tribe provides welfare in times of need…they have a collective responsibility.” However, Khalil Ali Al-Musmari, a retired professor of anthropology and sociology in the rebel stronghold of Benghazi, says “the foreign media have often crudely misrepresented the nature of tribal power in the country, by talking about tribal leaders as though they still commanded the same obedience they did in ancient times.” Read more here

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  1. What would really be rehrsefing is to hear one of these tribal representatives tell the President that it’s not his job to “meet their needs”, but that it is his job to execute only those presidential powers which are enumerated in the Constitution, one of which is to execute the treaties as they are laws of the land according to their original intent. Indian Country does not need Big Daddy Obama or any other president, senator or congressman to take care of them or to “improve their lives.” If Government wants to do anything let it 1) cede all lands and property out of BIA trusts and back into the respective tribal incorporations, and 2)HONOR THE TREATIES as they were originally intended. Quit trying to seduce the tribes with ever more pig tits of public entitlements that sap away the will to be free and to exercise liberty. Tell the president to protect the borders, defend against enemy attack, execute constitutional laws, honor treaties, and then to leave the Tribes and their proud peoples to pursue happiness as they see fit, according to the dictate of their own hearts if they still have them.

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