Spirituality is not what it once was – that much is certain, according to anthropologist Peter van der Veer. Working at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity in Göttingen, he has examined the significance of the spiritual and its transformation processes in modern societies using the example of China and India. He has found that contradictions to the concept of spirituality are part of this and have by no means stood in the way of an international career. However, many of the modern trends contradict the original idea of spirituality.

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Spirituality on the way to globalisation

August 21, 2012



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  1. Hello Dr. Peter van der Veer,

    I am reaching out for guidance and the expertise of an individual in the field of metaphysics and quantum physics, and anthropology. But at the same time this might be a slight under statement. The field of anthropology and the todays occurence of the super natural, might be more in sync with a correct opening.

    I have had what the average person over the course of my life would call an array of occurences that don’t fit into traditional teachings or organized religious as we know it.

    Right at this point to make this brief as humanly possible, and I use that term humanly lightly; I have ongoing visitors extraterrestrials if I may call them so. What is the most unusual as I feel possibly they come from where I come from.

    In past years around 1990 I was given a set of books from a spirit “The Course of Miraces” by the Inner Peace Foundation, and had a few visits from said spirit in regards to that course. Now from the being gleering out from a tree, I had been probe in the leg and have the pictures to prove it, wake to find my leg blooding with no other sign such as pain, absolutely now. Now I have been given some kind of unusual crystals, gems, mineral and fairly large amount. The oddest of all is they they change in structure in the day light they are one thing and evening they are another. Two of which turn from gold to silver with gleaming attributes, possibly quartz. But I truly don’t know much about stones to say that is what I am looking at.

    I am seeking individuals that can help me sort through these events, particulary these stones of all sizes and dimensions. I am fairly sure they are not of this world!

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