Tailgate Parties

Think football, and odds are you think tailgate party. And with good reason — the tailgate party is among the most time-honored and revered American sporting traditions, what with the festivities, the food and the fans. And the beer. Don’t forget the beer.   To the untrained eye, these game-day rituals appear to be little […]

On the Road

Bill Fairbanks, a retired anthropology professor from Los Osos, CA, has spent the last three summers walking along roads “to find out more about America’s inhabitants and what drives them.” I needed a challenge. So, I figured I would just walk across the country and study it as I go,” he explains. Read more at […]

An American Dream

Louise Krasniewicz, an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania, spoke to CNN’s Only On the Blog about Arnold schwarzenegger: Arnold’s importance has never been about his acting or his bodybuilding or his great wealth and power.Arnold was, and probably still is, important because he has been one of the […]

American Treasures: Two Archaeologists Host a Discovery Channel Series

Kirk French from Pen State department of Anthropology and Jason De Leon, from the university of Michigan star in a Discovery Channel 10-episode series. In a interview to centerdaily.com we learn that “’Artifact or Fiction’ was the original name of the show, but just weeks before the show’s air date, The Discovery Channel changed it […]

Life Underground: Building a Bunker Society

What are the long-term psychological consequences of living within a nuclear culture? What fears are now so ingrained in American life that we can’t seem to live without them? How, in other words, has nuclear fear remade everyday American society as permanently insecure, even as the US has become the most powerful military state on earth?

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