From Crystal Skulls to the Caste War

Intersections of Tourism, Archaeology and Heritage in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico Archaeological sites in the Yucatán Peninsula are among the leading attractions for a thriving tourism industry and have helped to significantly boost the local economy since the 1970s. While the success of tourism has provided many economic benefits for the millions of people […]

USFSP Researchers Make Groundbreaking Discovery: the First Complete Ancient African Genome

St. Petersburg, Fla. (October 8, 2015) – An anthropology team from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg (USFSP), Drs. John and Kathryn Arthur, have announced that after several years of excavation and research in southwestern Ethiopia, their work has resulted in an enduring discovery: the first complete ancient African genome. In 2012, an ancient […]

Dig Wars!

The American Anthropological Association has written to the Travel Channel objecting to and asking for changes  in the TV show “Dig Wars,” in which contestants are sent to various locations with metal detectors to see if they can locate and dig up antiquities. The material they dig up is called “loot,” and is evaluated for […]

Clutter and Stress

Jeanne Arnold talks to the Boston Globe about cluster, stress and he latest book: With the 21st century’s constantly evolving technological innovations and the wild success of bulk-shopping stores, our hoarding habits have gotten worse. Some of us feel like we’re drowning every time we take a moment to look around our homes. A recently […]

American Treasures: Two Archaeologists Host a Discovery Channel Series

Kirk French from Pen State department of Anthropology and Jason De Leon, from the university of Michigan star in a Discovery Channel 10-episode series. In a interview to we learn that “’Artifact or Fiction’ was the original name of the show, but just weeks before the show’s air date, The Discovery Channel changed it […]