December 2018

Volume 10 | Number 3 | December 2018

See the People behind the Issue

We don’t usually post our Masthead, but we thought you would appreciate learning a bit about the individuals who make Anthropology Now possible by volunteering their time, expertise and creative energy. We would like to draw particular attention to Jennifer Cool, who served admirably as our Media Editor from 2014 through our December 2018 issue. Jennifer redefined the position and the scope of contributions, enabling Anthropology Now to explore and reflect emergent ideas in our field and well beyond. We will continue to work with her in her new role as President-elect of AAA’s General Anthropology Division as we expand and strengthen the links that enrich our long-standing partnership with GAD.

View our Masthead here.


A Grammar of Perseverance: Reflections on Race, Poverty and Violence in Orange, New Jersey by Katherine T. McCaffrey

The Limitations of Compassion in International Volunteering by Andrea Freidus

Doorway to a Partnership Assessment in Tucson, Arizona by Maisa C. Taha and Marge Pellegrino



CUNY Graduate School Student Collective by Nadia Augustyniak, Matt Chrisler, Claudia Crowie, Ola Galal, Lisa Jahn, Brenna McCaffrey, Austin Miller and Miryam Nacimento

Uncommon Sense

The Agony of Flint: Poisoned Water, Racism and the Specter of Neoliberal Fascism by Brian McKenna

What Water Are You Drinking? Infrastructure, Perception and the “Raw Water” Trend by Maryann R. Cairns


On the “Neutrality” of Platforms: How the Platform Shapes Pedagogy in MOOCs by Shreeharsh Kelkar

Material Matters

Springs and Ores: “Traditional” Watering in the Past, Present and Future by Elizabeth Eklund

Visual Essay

Samsara by John Fahy

Books and Arts

Spiritual Violence in the Age of Meaningless Work by David Griffith

The Scientists Who Speak for Corals and Future Earths by Cameron Allan McKean

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