September 2015

ANow 9-15 coverVolume 7 | Issue 2 | September 2015

This issue includes:


Healing Circles and Restorative Justice: Learning from Non-Anglo American Traditions by Timothy H. Gailey

The Law, Society and a Larger Vision: A Commentary on Healing Circles and Restorative Justice by Francis J. Larkin

Perpetual War with text by Katherine T. McCaffrey and photos by Bonnie Donohue

The Nexus of Collaboration: Negotiating African American History and Public Interest in Southwest Virginia by Samuel R. Cook and Thomas Klatka

What Did Malinowski Eat in Papua? by Michael W. Young

Uncommon Sense: Zombie Companies and Corporate Survivors by Adam Golub and Carrie Lane 47

Findings: Mapping the (Anti)Colonial Contemporary: A Review of Recent Findings by the CUNY Findings Collective: Daniel Schneider, Andreina Torres, Charles Dolph, Kennedy Willis, Helen Panagiotopoulos, Zoltán Glück, Malav Kanuga

Material Matters: Andean Weavers Craft a New Aesthetic for a Changing Tourist Market by Angela Orlando

Media: Working Out the Kinks: Anonymous Subjects in Ethnographic Film by Jennifer Cool and Stephanie Mulcihy

Media: Asian American Internet Musicking by Eileen Regullano

Education: HealthClass2.0: Breaking Barriers through Campus-Based Civic Engagement by Natalia Mehlman Petrzela

Notes from the Field: Living with the Brokpa: Economic, Political and Social Change in Bhutan by Brian Young

Visual Essay: Minds without Fear: Children and Politics in Mewat, Haryana by Vijayanka Nair

Books and Arts: Threats of Life: Art in a Post-biopolitical Era by Laetitia Wilson and Tarsh Bates

Books and Arts: Adding Art to a Checkpoint by Kirsten Scheid

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