September 2019

Volume 11 | Numbers 1-2 | September 2019 Editor’s Note Rylan Higgins, Maria D. Vesperi and Emily Martin. Features Relax, It’s just Culture: Secularizing Conventions in Nonfiction Literatures by Susan Harding Anthropology and Creative Nonfiction by Ayla Samli Native Anthropology, to be a Native Scholar, or a Scholar that is Native: Reviving Ethnography in Indian […]

December 2018

Volume 10 | Number 3 | December 2018 See the People behind the Issue We don’t usually post our Masthead, but we thought you would appreciate learning a bit about the individuals who make Anthropology Now possible by volunteering their time, expertise and creative energy. We would like to draw particular attention to Jennifer Cool, […]

September 2018

Volume 10 | Number 2 | September 2018 Features Social Movements, Policy Change, and Abortion Access in Catalunya by Bayla Ostrach Remotely Global: How an Indigenous Village Wired Itself into the 21st Century by Roberto J. González From Crystal Skulls to the Caste War: Intersections of Tourism, Archaeology and Heritage in the Yucatán Peninsula of […]