April, 2023

Vol. 15, Issue 1 – April, 2023 Features A Case Study of a Locked-Down Community under COVID-19 in BeijingHuang JingPages: 1-13Published online: 12 Oct 2023  Caring (Enough) to Kill: On Making Meat and Eating Well in Rural EgyptNoha FikryPages: 14-25Published online: 12 Oct 2023 Words, Like Viruses, Spill Over. Consider “Porn”Robert MyersPages: 26-37Published online: 12 Oct 2023  […]

Making Meat in the Time of COVID-19

Donald D. Stull To cite this article: Donald D. Stull (2020) Making Meat in the Time of COVID-19, Anthropology Now, 12:2, 5-17, DOI: 10.1080/19428200.2020.1820786 The first case of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the United States was identified on January 20, 2020. The first death was reported on February 29. Agricultural futures began falling in […]


Mary Louise Pratt To cite this article: Mary Louise Pratt (2020) Airways, Anthropology Now, 12:2, 1-4, DOI: 10.1080/19428200.2020.1824789 June 9, 2020. The 20-minute Xigong routine I follow every morning on YouTube is all about breathing. “If you want more energy, the best place to start is your breathing,” says my adorable guide, arms floating  above  […]

April 2020

Volume 12 | Number 1 | April 2020 Editorial Editor’s NoteBy Rylan Higgins  Introduction An Anthropology of the COVID-19 PandemicRylan Higgins, Emily Martin and Maria D. Vesperi FEATURES A Room with a View: Observations from Two PandemicsLinda M. Whiteford  The Emergence of COVID-19: A Multispecies StoryEben Kirksey  Aging, Vulnerability and Questions of Care in the […]

December 2019

Volume 11 | Number 3 | December 2019 FEATURES On the Road During a Time of War: Migrant Journeys Througha Wary Europe By Mary D’Ambrosio The Syrian War and Those Who Remain By Faedah M. Totah Police Narratives of Feminicide Cases in BrazilBy Roberta Pamplona and Jerry Flores Media+ Technology American Media on Iran: Hostage […]

September 2019

Volume 11 | Numbers 1-2 | September 2019 Editor’s Note Rylan Higgins, Maria D. Vesperi and Emily Martin. Features Relax, It’s just Culture: Secularizing Conventions in Nonfiction Literatures by Susan Harding Anthropology and Creative Nonfiction by Ayla Samli Native Anthropology, to be a Native Scholar, or a Scholar that is Native: Reviving Ethnography in Indian […]

December 2018

Volume 10 | Number 3 | December 2018 See the People behind the Issue We don’t usually post our Masthead, but we thought you would appreciate learning a bit about the individuals who make Anthropology Now possible by volunteering their time, expertise and creative energy. We would like to draw particular attention to Jennifer Cool, […]

September 2018

Volume 10 | Number 2 | September 2018 Features Social Movements, Policy Change, and Abortion Access in Catalunya by Bayla Ostrach Remotely Global: How an Indigenous Village Wired Itself into the 21st Century by Roberto J. González From Crystal Skulls to the Caste War: Intersections of Tourism, Archaeology and Heritage in the Yucatán Peninsula of […]

April 2018 ~ Table of Contents

Volume 10 | Number 1 | April 2018 Features A Role for Anthropologists in the Local Food Movement by Paul Durrenberger To Protect and Improve: Developing the “Sacred Cow” in India byLaura Murray Why the Present Matters: The Importance of Community Outreach and Public Engagement in Archaeology by Tracie Mayfield and Scott E. Simmons Uncommon […]

December 2017 ~ Table of Contents

Volume 9 | Number 3 | December 2017 Features Features Special Section: The Political Aesthetics of Border Walls Edited by Abou Farman, Artist: Richard A. Lou Introduction by Abou Farman Rasquache Aesthetics and the Unmonumental Border by Miguel Diaz-Barriga and Margaret Dorsey, interviewed by Abou Farman The Speaking Fence by Annastiina Kallius Images Unwalled by […]