December 2019

Volume 11 | Number 3 | December 2019


On the Road During a Time of War: Migrant Journeys Through
a Wary Europe

By Mary D’Ambrosio

The Syrian War and Those Who Remain
By Faedah M. Totah

Police Narratives of Feminicide Cases in Brazil
By Roberta Pamplona and Jerry Flores

Media+ Technology

American Media on Iran: Hostage to a Worldview
By Narges Bajoghli

Material Matters

Eating Clean: Cultural Barriers and Pathways to Transitioning
to Eating “Clean Meat” Among College Students
By Muriel Vernon

Visual Essay

Making Academic Research Accessible: An Infographic
Describing Older Women’s Experiences of Housing

By Kelly O’Neil


“Going Global” and Learning About the Self Among Elite Chinese Students
By Chenyu Wang

Books and Arts

Things and the Company They Keep
By Alisse Waterston

Reflections on the Havana Biennial at Matanzas (2019)
By Iftikhar Dadi

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